Some theoretical mulling: given the reports that some #Brexit leave voters regretted their decision, I’m wondering about the possibility of having a voting system whereby (1) people vote first round (2) the results are made public (3) people can change their vote in the second round with knowledge of the first round result. I say this with a general interest in voting procedures, not because I have a particular position in this referendum.

2 thoughts on “#Regrexit”

  1. I have no expertise in voting systems, but I suspect that if people know that they can overturn their first vote, they may use their first vote to symbolically register their complaints, and their second to make the more reserved choice (e.g. favoring status quo).

    That said, it would be more interesting, but politically unfeasible to give each individual a second vote only with some probability p, or perhaps everyone a second vote, but only with probability p of it being counted, or perhaps everyone a second vote, provided that event with probability p occurs.

    Sounds like an interesting behavioral experiment to me.

  2. Yes, apparently some Brexit voters voted ‘leave’ as a protest of sorts, not thinking that ‘leave’ would actually win. It is these voters who could have changed to ‘remain’ if a second round was held.

    The probability experiments would be interesting. I would say that given the risk, most people would not gamble with their first round vote.

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